Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sale results

I ended up getting a couple really good deals. :) I didn't really know the Coon Rapids neighborhood that had a large number sales going on, so while getting somewhat lost in the housing development I stumbled on several more sales that I hadn't heard about. My other mishap was that we drove out of the way to a sale in Roseville (about 20 minute drove from Coon Rapids, 10 minutes out of the way from our house). I drove by the house and didn't see any signs or tables or anything. The sale's next week. Whoops! I guess I need to pay better attention to the dates.
Our deals of the day were a booster seat folds up for $3 (I almost bought a similar one of these for the fully price of $30. So glad I waited one more week!), a Little People Noah's Ark for $3 (Carter loved playing with Cole's), two pairs of jeans for Carter in 2T for .50 and a dollar, and a girls baby gap outfit for .25 (for that price someone I know can use it).
I also got 2 of the 7 papers I need to complete by next Wednesday! I can't wait to be done!


The Straka's said...

WAHOO for finding Noah's Ark!! They are hard to find and such a GREAT toy!! You are the best mommy!!

Jen said...

I know! I was so thrilled! I had never seen one at a sale before.