Friday, April 10, 2009


While I love my husband dearly, there are some things with a baby that he doesn't seem to get. We are taking a day trip tomorrow down to Tim's parents to hang out for the day. So Tim tells me he wants to leave at 6am, so we get down there early. To leave at 6am, we would have to be awake by a minimum of 5am to get all the last minute things packed up, feed, change, and dress Carter and ourselves. There are several problems with this plan: A. Typically Carter doesn't get up before 5am, that involves waking a the babe. This gernerally leads to a screaming/crabby baby, which makes for a long drive. B. I don't remember the last time Tim set an alarm clock to wake up for a non-work related event and I highly doubt he's done that tonight. He usually relies on Carter waking us up, which is not an issue when the event is after 8 or 9 in the morning. C. Is there really any good reason to get there at 8am? His sisters probably won't be up for atleast another 2-3 hours.
But I've done my part to see that there is potential for this plan to suceed, so now it's up to Tim. I'll update tomorrow night with how it all went down.

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Autumn Twig said...

LOL :D you're a great wife