Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Baby Gate

We are despretely in need of a baby gate. Carter is now a quick crawler and there's no way I can even blink without him getting into something. We went to BRU last night to see what's even available in the world of baby gates.
BRU's display was definatly not designed by parents. It was super messy and impossible to tell which gate was which, and what price. After looking there, we decided pretty much none of the stair ones will work with our staircase with the way things are lined up. So now we need to either find a new type of stair gate or buy two gates to keep him away from anywhere neear the stairs. If anyone has any brilliant ideas, let me know. (and putting the babe on a leash in not a brilliant idea)


mrs.leah.maria said...

If you're going to limit creativity than don't ask for suggestions! JK! I've got nothing.

The Straka's said...

They had a HUGE variety (and organized) when we were there last. Try another BRU/TRU.