Thursday, April 9, 2009

Having a bad day/ week

No particular reason why. I'm just kind of cranky and sad. I just really need something positive to happen to us soon. I'm trying really hard to be thankful for what we've got, and not for what we've losted/given up. So here's my vent so I can get it all out and go back to being my positive self.
Tim's job: While I'm thankful he's been able to work with this new position and keep health insurance, all these crazy hours and driving me insane! It's impossible to keep Carter even somewhat quiet during the days so Tim can get sleep after an overnight shift. They can't ever seem to make up their mind on scheduling. This week alone they've changed it 3-4 times at the last minute.
My dad's job loss: This is just a crappy situation all around. He thought he's job was pretty safe and didn't see it coming, so they really hadn't been making sure they had a lot of extra savings. It's way harder to find a job over 50. Even if the economy turns around instantly, his company probably wouldn't call him back because it would just mean they'll have to pay him more in pension when he gets to retirement age. (Age discrimination at it's best) I'm worried for my parents. They've been responsible with their money all their life and it doesn't look like they'll be able to be able to be retired and have fun anytime soon now. Plus I think this all scares me because before they were sort of our safety net. We hadn't had to use them for help, but we knew if it was getting to the point that we needed to, we could.
My self: I'm frustrated because I get little to no "me time". Pretty much anytime I get when I'm not taking care of Carter, I'm racing around trying to get laundry, dishes, homework, ect. done. I'm thankful he now takes two 30 minute naps, so atleast I get time to go to the bathroom on my own. I love Carter so much, but sometimes I need a break to do something fun. Tim also has a hard time realizing how much I need this time. He sometimes makes me feel guilty about needing this time. I know it's because he's stressed about being the only one with a job and he's sad that he doesn't really have any good friends close by.

Alright, Carter is screaming, so I guess that's all the venting I get for now.

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mrs.leah.maria said...

You are more than allowed to vent. I'm so sorry everything has been so difficult lately.