Friday, April 3, 2009

Sick baby

Carter either has crazy allergies like his mommy or a bad cold. Either way he is miserable (which makes the rest of us prett miserable too!) I never give him juice, but he's not hungry (a rarity for him) and I worry about him getting dehydrated. So I gave him a few ounces of very diluted apple juice. It's definately made him happier. (Which sure beats the whiny, slimy mess he was this morning.)
In other Carter news, we checked out the local library's story time. It was 20 minutes of structured storytime and songs and than play time. Carter seemed to enjoy it even though I woke up from his nap to make it on time. I love free activities! We'll definately be checking more of these out this summer.

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The Straka's said...

You should come to the one that Erin and I go too! It's free too, you just have to sign up!