Saturday, April 4, 2009

Things I'm lusting after. . .

aka What I would buy if I had no budget to worry about.

A stroller odometer: I love the one I have on my bike, so I'd imagine this would be just as cool.

A super nice sewing machine: While the one I currently have is alright, I'd love one of the really cool ones that have all kinds of features.

New spring/summer clothes: I have a feeling this will be something that I always lust after. There's just something about all of the bright colors after a long winter. I may get to do a little new shopping this spring because it seems that all of my jeans seem to be dying at the same time.

Digital SLR camera: Very cool, but a luxury item at this point in time. My dad has one I can play with to get my fix.

And as long as I'm dreaming. . . .

A bigger house with more storage. :) If Tim's job stays steady and I can find something part time, this may be a reality in the next year or so.

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