Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Our new favorites!

So I did a favorites list of baby stuff when Carter was a little baby. Now that he's 9.5 months we have a whole lot of new favorites to rave about.
The newest is those mesh feeder bags. We like either of the two brands we tried. Carter loves frozen cubes of baby food (how we store our home made food anyways) in them for teething. It's like a healthy popsicle with a handle. For easy cleaning of the mesh bags, use a toothbrush.
We have the Chicco high chair which we really like. We haven't use any other brands of high chairs, so I really can't compare whether this is better or worse. I like the green pattern. It's not an eye sore like some of the others are.
Our favorite spoons for feeding are the ones made by Sassy that have silicon tips.
Bibs: In the begining we love the cloth ones for baby food. Now that Carter is on more table food we love the big plastic covered ones with pockets at the bottom to catch any dropped food.
Baby crackers: We loved Mum-Mums (at Walmart or online) when Carter was first starting food and Gerber puffs now.
Sippy cups: We were lucky to get lots of hand-me-downs to try different types because they all work so differently. We've had the most sucess with the Nuby ones with the silicon nipples and handles. All others have tended to lead to water all over the place. The one that works for each kid seems to vary alot.
Shoes: Robeez hands down. I know they're expensive, but they just fit so much better than the knock offs. Look at used sales for deals on them.
Toys: The hits right now are the Fisher Price shape sorter and the fisher price little people barn. Basically the updated versions of what we played with as kids are still the best toys.

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