Monday, August 24, 2009

10 year reunion

This weekend we went to Tim's 10 year reunion. Tim had a great time catching up with his classmates. I, on the otherhand, was bored out of my mind. First of all, it was held at a bar that I would consider was for somewhat of a rough crowd. It was potluck and the times for it were 3pm until 1am. Many people disn't show up until around 8pm or so. Probably not the best plan for a potluck. I guess I'm really just not a fan of having to make small talk and answer the same questions over and over again. (And hearing the same stories over and over again)Tim is definatley on his own for the next one.
Carter had a great time hanging out with his cousins Lauren and Ben. We also enjoyed going to the Steele County Fair. (Think the State fair divided by 10)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Bad news

Well, my mom's doctors changed their mind on the chemo. After presenting my mom's case at a medical conference last week, her doctor decided that she for sure needed to have chemo. And not just the typical chemo of breast cancer patients. 12 week of once a week treatments (that take more than 3 hours a time) and then every other week for the rest of the year. Sucky!
Althought this will diminish her chance of getting cancer again, this is still quite a set back from what we thought.
Please keep my mom in your prayers! It's going to be a difficult year.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Well, things never seem to go quite as planned.
1. I have been trying to finish up two baby quilts for one of my sweet former co-workers who just had twin baby girls. The pieces have been cut, one has been sewn together, but otherwise the progress has stopped. I'd like to get them sent by Monday at the latest. We'll see if that happens.
2. I'm still not finished with my doll quilt for the swap. I finally figured out what I want to do though, so hopefully it just needs an hour or two of work.
3. I still haven't made any decisions on what ECFE classes I should sign Carter up for. I have three choices at the school I would like to go to, but I'm indecivice of what day or whether I should sign up for one of the mixd groups. So far i haven't heard of any of the kids in Carter's class from last year that will be signing up at this school.
4. On the bright side, we are setting up a playgroup with two of the other moms and little boys from last years group. We plan to get together every other Wednesday.
5. The daycare for the baby didn't pan out. I'm am now waiting to see if I get an interview for some afterschool nanny jobs. I have also been apply for lots of part time jobs.

Monday, August 10, 2009

The unknown

Right now I'm playing the waiting game. I have no idea what I will really end up doing this fall. There really haven't been any decent job prospects lately. From what it sounds like, this recession stuff really isn't going to turn around until at least January. So I'm not really holding my breath on a job in the traditional sense of the word.
I decided to officially offer to do daycare for the 5 month old. Now I am just waiting to hear back whether or not her mom is still interested. I figure if it's meant to be, it'll work out. And if not, that's okay too.
Tim is taking a class today to try to get approved for some funding for an emergency responder class. This would be the first step on the way to become a paramedics. While this is not his dream job, it looks like the chance of getting into law enforcement just isn't going to happen anytime soon for him. For every job in this area, there are thousands of applicants. And the market just keeps getting more saturated.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Wait- it's already August?!

I'm really not sure where July went. We've been busy, but I'm not 100% sure with what. I guess one of our more major things was Carter's 12 month appointment today. He is 31 inches tall (90%) and 23.5 lbs (50%). My big concerns for this appointment was the trasition to only sippy cups and whole milk. Carter had been refusing to drink whole milk from the sippy and when I diluted it with an ounce of formula he would drink it and then throw it up. We came up with the plan to be done with bottles. As long as Carter will take 2 oz of milk at each meal we won't worry about it too much yet. If he continues to throw it up, we'll try switching to lactose free milk. So far this has worked pretty well, getting him to drink 6 oz of milk is sometimes a challenge. On the days he won't drink it at meals, I offer it at snack.
This weekend we have the wedding of one of the girls I grew up with. It should hopefully be fun. It'll be nice to be out for the night baby free. The only bummer is missing my cousin Joe's 5th birthday party. (Which reminds me I still need to go get him a present. Any ideas?)
I'm still sewing away for the quilt swap. I think I might actually have found an idea that I like. Hopefully my partner will feel the same way! I need to get something done today! :)