Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What a day!

Today we were busy! First we stopped by my uncle's house to see the progress. It looks amazing! (If you know anyone in the market for a house in Minneapolis, let me know. If we could afford to move at this point, I would be so interested!)
Then we did a quick pit stuff for lunch at Arby's. Carter loves regular roast beef sandwiches just like his mommy and daddy.
Next we paid off my car loan. We are now officially car loan free. It feels good! $600+ a month (between both payments) of pressure is now off our backs.
Next we did a little shopping at Mall of America. This may be TMI for some people, but until today I had not purchased a bra post baby. For many women, an increased breast size is a positive benefit of having a baby that tends to go away after you stop breast feeding. For me, not really the case. Since breast feeding only lasted the first 6 weeks for us, my ladies should have returned to their previous size almost 10 months ago. I am still one size up from my "normal" size. This is an issue because it puts me into all the frumpy old lady bras. The majority of the bras at Victoria's Secret and Gap body do not even come in my size. Very depressing. I keep hoping that maybe in some twist of fate I will go down a size with all of my exercising. Anyways, enough about my breasts.
In other news, a couple of my friends are going to 5K with me in July. I'm thrilled I have people to make me accountable for my running!
Minus feeling really crappy, today was a great day!


Meghan Gibson said...

Yay! That must have felt great to pay off your car. I can't wait for the day...hmm, only 3 more years! :)

Is your uncle's house on the market yet? Do you have a link or any pics?

Also, good work on the exercising. I just did Wk3, Day3 of C25K and it really kicked my butt. I'm going to have to do one more day of it before moving to Wk4. What 5k are you doing? Torchlight?!!?!

Jen said...

I think it's offically going on the market today. I'll see if I can get some pictures or a link to the mls site once it's up.