Monday, May 4, 2009

Weekend update!

I'm so behind in all of my crafting. So many projects are waiting for me half done. After Wednesday night, I should have the time/energy to start working on them since I will done by my three classes. I can't wait! And I should be done until July!
We kept pretty busy on Sat. and Sunday. Saturday Carter and I went over to check out the progress on my uncle's house. It's looking beautiful! If you're in the market for a house in Minneapolis, let me know. The new colors are very pottery barn-esque and really give the house some personality.
I picked up lunch from McDonalds on the way there so we could lunch with my parents and grandma. Carter loves to share chicken nuggets and fries with me. Later we had dinner with my parents and watched "Marley and Me" (Very cute, but be ready to cry!)
Sunday Carter and I hung out until Tim got home from work at 2pm. We then went over to my parents house to work on the gardens and have dinner. Carter had salmon for the first time and loved it (which is funny since I hate it!). He also played in the grass for the first time. He was very hesitent at first (a rare thing for Carter), but then became more and more brave about crawling on it. I'll post pictures later. They turned out great!

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