Monday, February 9, 2009

Possible Good News

We might actually have good news for one. Remember the interview Tim had a couple weeks ago that he didn't think he had done that well at? He must have done much better than he had thought because going into the background round, he is ranked number one. Does this mean he'll get the job? Not necessarily. If he passes the background (which you can be not considered for almost anything), then the decision will go before the city board to decide. If the city board approves him, he'll still need to pass a psychological and physical test. So it's still a long road ahead before we will be making any decisions on moving, etc. I think the tentative plan right now would be for Tim to commute it until he is through the probational period. Once he is through that, we would start to put up our townhouse for sale and start house hunting there.
Yesterday I took Carter to church. We've been really bad at going since he was born since it's such a pain. He did so well! He made it through the whole service without crying. He loved all the music. Carter also made friends with the people sitting behind us. He is definitely an extrovert!
I also took him to Como park conservatory to see the spring flower display with my parents. He was amazed at all of the flowers and wanted to touch them all (and pull them out). I'll have to get the pictures from my parents. They turned out so cute!

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