Sunday, February 22, 2009

Job and Weekend updates

No new news to report on Tim's possible job in St. Peter. All we know is going into the background section he was rated 1st out of the three candidates that they chose to continue on with. What this really means about his odds for getting the job, we don't really know. My feelings about the situation are still all over the map.
On the bright side, Tim got called back to his former jobs for atleast the next six weeks. He is in training for other positions, after the training it looks like they'll only have some part time hours for him. Basically this means atleast six more weeks not having to worry about having health insurance and it buys us more time to figure things out.
The only news on the job front for me is that I scored the highest test score you can get on the census bureau's test. This hopefully means that I will be called up soon to do some temporary work.
My class load, while only considered half time, has turned into a lot this semester. This week I am one of the dicussion leaders for my online honors sociology class. The subject matter is really interesting, but I spend atleast an hour a day on a normal week for this class, and much more this week being a leader. My stress levels are rather high right now!
Studying + Sick, cranky baby= very stressed out mommy
Carter has been a sick/cranky mess this week. He picked up a cold last weekend and has been teething like crazy. Today was day 8 of the cold, so we're hopeing he should be getting much better soon! Teething should get better too because his front two teeth have finally popped. This hopefully means he'll start sleeping better again.
So my latest wish is to learn how to quilt. I think I understand most of the basics from what I've read online, but I really feel like I need someone to show me how to do the actual "quilting" and binding part of the process. Anyone know how to and want to teach me? (Wishful thinking, I know!) I think I'll be asking for quilting classes for my b-day. Too bad it's not until June. Check out one of the ones I really want to make.

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