Friday, February 13, 2009


Not a whole lot new to update. We're down at Tim's parents for Thursday-Sat., so that Tim can do a ride a long with the city he is hoping to work for. Carter's sleep got all screwed up since he usually sleeps in the car, so he was up until 10:30last night (4 hours past his normal bed time). He was also up twice last night because he got scared. Lately he tends to get scared any time he can't see Tim or I. Otherwise he does really well around people and is very friendly.
I'm feeling very unfocused right now. I have no idea what I ideally would like to be doing. Since I've had the chance to step back and consider which career path I'd truelly like to take, I feel like I know even less what I want to do. I think part of the confusion can be attributed to the fact that I love being home with Carter. I know this is realistically not a good long term plan because finanically we can't afford it and I really don't want to be stuck with out a career once all of our kids are in school.

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