Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Benefit of a somewhat sick baby

The one benefit of Carter feeling not so hot yet is that he'll actually nap. It almost makes up for being up with him a couple times a night. (Ha ha, not really, but it helps keep my sanity.)
I had a hard time deciding if we should go to ECFE or not today. We ended up going because he wasn't coughing and his nose had pretty much stopped running after being up for an hour. I feel pretty good about this decision because the majority of the kids' noises were running. I guess I'll see how he is tomorrow morning to decide if we need to go in or not.
I'm hoping to get pictures taken of some of my recently finished projects. I've been getting better at getting some stuff done. And I'm looking into taking some quilting classes. I found the most amazing pattern that I would love to make for when we have another baby someday. (And no, I am not pregnant and do not plan to be anytime in the near future, but with how long it seems to take me to finish things, I figure I better start now.)
It's funny because we've been talking out when we want to have another kid. The consenus pretty much is that we would like Carter to be around 2 (Tim says closer to 3, but I'd prefer closer to 2) and that we have to be in a better financial state. So hopefully everything will work out for us to get us to that point.

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