Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Not a good week

The first week in February will now go down in history for our family as a bad week. Today Tim officially got the notice that he is completely done with work as of this weekend. The 6th will be the anniversary of time getting the Macy's layoff announcement. I'm officially in a funk. I've been apply like crazy to any job that I am even slightly qualified for. At this point, I'm even looking at minimum wage stuff. I am most worried about being without health insurance. We're lucky that Carter has been pretty healthy so far, but even one doctor's trip would be enough set us into financial ruins.
I so badly want to stay positive. I am generally a positive person. I just can't seem to find the positive side of any of us. I know all I can do at this point is keep applying for jobs, be as financially smart as possible, and pray.


mrs.leah.maria said...

Keeping wanting to stay positive and you'll be sure to surprise yourself in managing at least somewhere above pessimistic. Still praying for you.

colesGodmommy said...

hey jen...sometimes i'm a creeper and i read your blog :) just wondering if you ever thought about doing child care at home? i'm in the same boat as you job-wise and have been applying to anything and everything! It seems like the only thing I'm going to get is a nanny position...even if you just take in one other kid, you can usually make pretty decent money...or even just a couple days a week. I know it's probably not ideal but if it would help, it's worth looking into! Good luck and keep your head up!