Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Things are looking up (atleast in some ways)

Things have been kind of crazy this week so far with Tim working his odd hours. I so thankful that he has been able to pick up these hours. I think he will only end up 4 hours short for the week, which is not so bad.
I've been job searching like crazy and trying to find other small ways to make a little bit of money. So far I've been doing ChaCha and ebaying things we don't need. One of the nesties helped me get hooked up with doing some childcare for a U of M event. I'm excited to have something to get out of the house and it pays well. I feel like it could lead to other good things.
Carter is just getting over a cold. He isn't too bad during the day, but at night he has been a beast. His humidifier seems to be helping alot.
I'm addicted to blogs lately. I've found some great craft ones that I'll have to post links to. It's really inspiring to see all of the cool things people have been doing. I think I might have to start posting pictures of some of the stuff I'm working on. Right now I'm making Carter a shopping cart seat cover. Before being a parent I thought these were only for germophobe parents. Now that Carter is big enough to sit in the seat, I understand that these are a great idea. The last time we went to Target I spent most of the trip trying to keep Carter from licking and chewing on everything. So gross!

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