Sunday, January 11, 2009

Nothing really new

We've had kind of a boring weekend. On Thursday morning Tim had 6 cysts removed from his head. Luckily none of them were anything serious and it could just be an in office appointment. Carter and I went to our MOPS meeting as normal so Tim could have some peace and quiet to recuperate. Carter loves playing with the other babies in the nursery. Next we had Carter's 6th month appointment. (I can't believe he's 6 month old already!) He's now 18 pounds 9 oz (75%) and 26.5 inches tall (75%). The doctor is thinking that his weight is going to level out because he is so active now! (He's only gained 9oz in the last month. Before he was gaining almost two pounds a month)
The rest of the weekend we pretty much just took it easy. Tim wasn't feeling too great with his head healing and I think Carter and I are getting over a bug.

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