Tuesday, January 6, 2009


The funeral on Sunday went really well. We thought that there would maybe be 100-200 people there. Instead the church was packed with 450+ people. The service was beautiful.
Carter decided that he wasn't up for the service in the first 5 minutes by letting out a huge scream. Tim took him out so that he could kick and play, but they were still able to hear the service.
The funniest part of the entire day involves my cousin Joe who is 4. He was sitting with his Grandma Judy. When they were in the communion line, she told him that he needed to give his other grandma a big hug because she was sad. So Joe runs up to grandma and gives her a hug. He then says to his Grandma Judy "That was my best hug ever. She really liked it." He then goes through the communion line and sees and takes the bread and goes "Oh bread!" The rest of the relatives in the first and second pews were laughing so hard.
At the dinner afterwards at my grandparents house, Carter worked the crowd. Normally, I don't let him get passed around like that, but he was being so smiley and friendly to everyone.

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