Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Not finished yet!

So I ended up working on the skirt yesterday instead of doing the last finishing steps of my bag. (It's the project ADD, I swear!) The zipper I was so afraid of was actually quite easy to put in. In general the skirt has been pretty easy as long as I ignore all of the directions that came with it. And the sizing must be somewhat screwy because I went up a size from what I thought I would need and it's still on the tighter side. Oh well, just keep me away from those Girl Scout cookies and I should be able to get that weight off before summer.
If Carter takes a nap today, I should be able to complete this project and the bag too. (Which probably means he won't take any naps today.)
Carter is so close to crawling. Last night my dad was helping him practice by putting Carter up on all fours and moving Carter's arms and legs in the order that he would crawling. Carter thought this was hilarious and giggled the entire time. We are pretty much baby-proofing as we go.

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