Monday, March 23, 2009

Craft corner

After seeing all of the amazing craft rooms/spaces of many of the craft bloggers that I follow, I've been so inspired to work on my craft space. The problem for me is that I have pretty much no budget for this kind of stuff. I'll just have to get more creative about how I accomplish this masterpiece.
So far my biggest inspiration is Grace Violet's craft area. I just love the pink desk. My current desk is a white hand me down from my brother. Very not inspiring. So far, I'm thinking I might go with a turquise color when I re-paint it.

(Check it out at her amazing website
My other great need for my craft area is to come up with a plan of how to store all of my precious supplies. I found a couple different other rooms that I really enjoyed on rate my room.

I love how luvmibug uses the color behind the shelves. It's just so fresh and fun.

I love the flow in storage in this room by style by Ka.

My plan so far is to paint the current desk I have, decorate a bulletin board/white board combo that I have, and use/adapt shelving that I already have or that I can get cheap for all of my supplies. I will try to remember to take before and after pictures.

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