Tuesday, March 3, 2009

More project updates

So I didn't exactly get as much done last night as I had planned. I had a online Sociology quiz that I needed to take (and it turns out I probably should have studied more for) and a discussion to help run. And "Big Bang Theory" was on. I've cut back on the number of shows that I watch these days and that one just cracks me up. So while I was watching, I cut out the pieces the the skirt I'm going to make for myself. This will be the first clothing item that I am attempting (besides pj pants which I don't think really count since the don't get worn outside the house.) I'm a little scared about the zipper since I haven't done one since 8th grade home-ec class. (And let's just say that duffel bag was not exactly a thing of beauty.)
Tim's working 4-midnight shifts this week. The downside is that I'm on my own for feeding, bathing and putting Carter to bed, which can make for a long night. On the positive side, I get the evenings all to myself once Carter is in bed.
So hopefully after I get my homework done tonight, I'll have much more project time.

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Meghan Gibson said...

I LOVE Big Bang Theory and was so excited for a new episode last night! And How I Met Your Mother which is my all-time FAVE!

I'll be looking for your sewing updates. I made two throw pillow covers this weekend, but I don't have a sewing machine so it took forever!