Tuesday, March 24, 2009

New music

I've been adding tons of new music to my blog lately because I keep thinking of songs that I absolutely love. A few
explanations of what/why these are my favorites:
Answer by Sarah Mclachlan: I love her and this is such a beautiful song.
Shimmer by Shawn Mullins: The lyrics are great and they remind me of Carter.
These are the Days by 10,000 Maniacs: A classic. We used this in our picture show for our wedding.
Time of Your Life by Green Day: I love Green Day and most of their other songs are not blog appropriate.
She Walked Away and Mirror by Barlow Girls: My cousin is a fan of this Christian group, which got me to check them out.
Samson by Regina Spektor: No real reason besides I like it.
Better by Regina Spektor: This song always puts me in a good mood.
Rock and Roll by Eric Hutchinson: I am the crazy person in the car next to you dancing and singing to this song.
Ice Cream by Sarah McLachlan: With lyrics like "Your love is better than ice cream" how can you not love this song. I've loved this song since 8th grade.
Shine by the Newsboys: One of the first Christian bands I ever listened to. It reminds me of my old dance friend Hilary.
Love Song for a Savior by Jars of Clay: This was the theme song for a retreat I went to in high school.
Summertime by the Sundays: Another song that I was introduced to by dance. It makes me think of sitting outside in the summer sun.
Capri by Colbie Caillet: I heard this song when I was first pregnant with Carter and it made me cry.

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