Friday, June 26, 2009

I'm behind again. . .

First of all camping didn't go exactly as we planned. We left Sunday morning around 9am, thinking that Carter would nap most of the way there. He didn't. This left him fairly cranky by the time we got there. Once we got to the campgrounds, we did a quick walk, and then decided to set up because it looked like rain. Just as we got everything set up, it started to rain. Also, about 15 minutes after we got our tent set up, I tripped over the door, bruising my knee and tearing the tent. It rained all afternoon and all night, into the next morning. Carter would not go to bed because it was too light out and too noisy. We finally got him to bed after 10pm. Carter woke up screaming, scared from the storm 5-6 times. I'm sure the people camping next to us loved us.
Things started to clear up the next morning after breakfast. We had a picnic lunch at a park and let Carter play. He loved it! Then we took Carter for a swim at the beach. He loved playing in the sand and splashing in the water. We had a great day!
The night was another story. I worked really hard to try to put Carter to bed at his normal time, but he just would scream if I put him in his pack-and-play. After an hour of this, we decided to go for a car ride to see if he would fall asleep. He finally falls asleep after nearly 45 minutes of driving. We then try to move him to the pack and play. No luck. He resumes his hysterical screaming. Tim and I decide to get a hotel room at this point. We knew neither of us could take another night without sleep. Luckily the closest hotel was most empty and gave us a room for a great deal. It took us almost an hour to get Carter bathed and calmed down. He slept until almost 8:30 the next morning.
Instead of camping one more day, we decided to call it quits early. I'm thinking we'll try camping again next summer.

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