Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Great Wagon Debate

Tim and I have been debating on whether Carter should have a plastic or a metal wagon as a birthday gift. Tim strongly feels that the classic metal ones are a superior choice. I, on the otherhand, would like one of the cool plastic ones with underseat storage, seatbelts, and cup holders. My big negatives on the metal ones are that they are heavy, they rust, no seats/seat belts, and I don't for see me using it as a substitue for a stroller once Carter gets a little bit bigger (and we have another child). Any thoughts/ reviews on the subject?


Meghan Gibson said...

First of all, thanks for posting my recipe :) While I see Tim's point regarding the nostalgia of the old metal red wagons, I think I would buy the new plastic one. Much more practical! You can't even clean the rusty metal ones and I'm sure you could easily clean the plastic one. Plus, cupholders? No question! :)

The Straka's said...

Metal ones might be pulled off the market here shortly due to infant and toddler burns from the metal getting so hot in the sun. Just a thought. That's why we chose plastic.