Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Carter never fails to amaze me. . . . .

with his appetite and willingness to try new foods. For the last month he has refused to eat baby food. Because he only has one potential food allergy that we know about (oats) I feed him pretty much everything we eat. When he doesn't have all of the same things on his plate, he tends to get upset. I found this out when I didn't give him asperagus the other day. He also likes radishes, something even I don't like. We found this out when he kept trying to grab one off a veggie tray. Figuring he wouldn't like it, we finally just let him grab it. We were amazed when he ate the whole thing. Today he decided that he was going to share my egg rolls with me. The only thing we have found that he doesn't like is American cheese (I don't blame him on this).
Somehow I don't think we'll end up being this lucky with our next kids and eating. How many 10 month old babies do you know that eat steak?

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