Friday, June 5, 2009

Another busy week

I feel like this is one of those weeks that I really can't account for where all the time went. I've hit garage sales the last two mornings. Wednesday was my peak where I was found pairs of Nikes and Stride Rite shoes that looked like new for .50. How can you beat that? At that same sale, I also purchased another booster seat )($3), a hugo box of quatros (larger than duplos) for $5, a couple church shirts and sweaters for (.50 each)all looking brand new. I love good deals! \
In other news, I am excited to be getting "new" washer and dryer this afternoon. My grandma decided that we could have the almost new high-efficency washer and dryer from my uncle's house. I'm very excited to be able to start saving on our water, electricity, and detergent costs.
We are also in the market for a chest freezer to store all of the veggies we grow this summer (and buy at farmers market) for the winter. While they are not super cheap, we decided that in about a two year period we would be able to save in frozen veggie costs alone.
Does anyone have a vacuum sealer? We are thinking about purchasing one of those too.

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Meghan Gibson said...

check Craigslist/garage sale ads in the paper for chest freezers. We were able to get one last summer for $50 and it's like new/works perfectly!