Monday, May 21, 2012

Weekend Update

It's around 9 am here and both boys are still sleeping.  Can you tell we had a really busy weekend?  Friday night Tim and Carter went to pick up Stacy (Tim's youngest sister) from River Falls.  She had been on a retreat in Michigan with a campus ministry group.  The original plan was that she'd be back around 5pm or so, but someone was going to drive her back to the Twin Cities, and then a car broke down, so it ended up being after 7pm.  Jack and I stayed home since it was way past his bed time. 
Saturday, I got up and went to the garage sale at Island Lake School.  I was really hoping to find a bike for Carter, but I ended up buying just some pants with adjustable waist pants for Carter and a cute Gymboree jacket for my niece, Lauren.  Then Tim and I ran to Costco to pick up groceries, while Stacy watched the boys.  Then Tim took Stacy into urgent care to have her ankle x-rayed.  It turns out she had broken a bone in her foot on the retreat playing barefoot soccer. 
Tim's parents were staying at a hotel for the weekend in Roseville (Tim's other sister, Stephanie, was graduating from St. Kate's).  So we met up with them at the hotel for a swimming party and picnic.  The boys haven't been swimming much since last summer, so it took some convincing to get them in the pool.  Jack took a little bit to get use to the water, but them really enjoyed it.  But he hated being in his floatie, preferring to hold on to Tim or I.  By the time we were ready to get out, he was jumping into the pool.  Carter hates having water in his eyes, so it took him longer to feel comfortable.  I definitely need to get him to the pool a couple more times before we start swimming lessons. 
Sunday Tim's brother Jeff, sister-in-law Heather, and their kids Ben and Lauren came over to play after nap time.  The boys were so excited to see their cousins since the last time they had seen each other had been the week after Easter.  After an hour of playing, we headed to the Como Zoo.  The zoo was fairly quiet for a weekend, so the kids were easily able to see everything.  We even attempted to get a picture of all 4 kids.  Jack loved the monkeys.  I think we could have stayed there all day. 
After the zoo we headed to meet Tim's family for dinner at Buca's to celebrate Stephanie's graduation.  (They were only given 3 tickets per graduates, so we couldn't go to actual ceremony.)  It was a really fun night.   

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