Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I've been really bad about blogging lately. I think my plan with "back to school" next week is to try to get our lives much more on a schedule. Hopefully this will mean much more blogging.
What's new with us? I've been hitting the job search hard again. At this point, I've been applying mostly for part time positions, so that we can hopefully manage to keep Carter out of daycare for a little bit longer. (FYI, i have no issues with actually putting kids in daycare, it's just an expense we can't afford at this point.)
I've also been busy looking for a new sewing machine. I made almost $300 sell stuff I no longer needed at a family garage sale, so I can afford to buy a much nicer machine. I think I will be investing in a Brothers machine in the next week or two. The one that I want has the ability to monogram. :) This will also come in handy for one of the Christmas presents I want to make for Carter and maybe some of his little friends. I'll post pictures once I start them.
Carter is growing so tall and skinny now, just like his daddy. He's starting to talk so much more now and in short phrases. His favorites are "what is it? an "want that." My favorite addition to the list is "I love Ray". (The neighbor dog at my parents.) I will not say that he loves anything else, just Ray.
Tim might have a potential job development. Right now it's too early to say if it will become anything. If this works out somehow, it would be the answer to so many prayers.
My mom is doing fairly well in the first two weeks of chemo. She's tired, but no other real side effects yet. Her head is starting to get itchy, so that means that her hair will probably start to fall out soon. Luckily, I saved quite a few silk scarves from my buying office days, that she'll have a pretty good variety to wear. I'm tempted to email a few of my old vendors to see if I could buy hats directly from them, so that I could get some fun ones.

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mrs.leah.maria said...

Glad to hear the update. I hope that things continue on this optimistic bend!