Sunday, September 20, 2009

What a weekend!

Yesterday was crazy! We got up at 6am (when Carter woke up) and left almost immediately so we could spend a few hours hanging out with Tim's family before our niece Lauren's first birthday party. Carter loved to give Lauren kisses and hugs. He also gave Ben, his three year old cousin, a hug so big it knocked him over. We headed home after the party was over.
My friend Katie's bachlorette party was last night too. I went into the party not knowing how long I would stay, but I ended up staying until the end at 2am. It was fun to have a girls' night and Katie is a hilarious drunk. I definately feel too old to stay out like that anymore. (Or should I say pretty much ever, since I've never been too much of a partyer.)
Tim is working today, so I've been trying to have a pretty mellow day with Carter since I;m so tired. We went to get some apples at Pinetree Apple Orchard, one of our favorite fall places. Carter loves to bite into apples now that he has he teeth to do so.

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