Thursday, September 3, 2009

My sewing machine

While sewing yesterday all of my stiches started to go all whonky. Usually this means the tension is off. So I took out the bobbin and a metal piece fell off. At some point the screw that attached this metal piece to the bobbin fell out. I searched all over, but the screw is still missing.
I was planning on buying my new machine soon anyways, but I guess this is just my kick in the butt to figure out what I really want and go for it. I looked at a shop that carries only Berninas last week. While they were really nice, the cheapest one was more than $800. At this point in my life, I can't imagine spending that much on a sewing machine. So today when Tim gets home, I'm going to take a little trip to one of the other local sewing machines stores to take a look at what they have that is much more in my price range ($400-$600). From my online searching, I'm very interested in the Brother SE-350. I'm hoping they will have that one in person so I can try it.


Rebecca said...

That is so exciting- a new sewing machine! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I am excited to "meet" other local quilters too. Where do you shop for fabric? Good luck with your part time job search. I work part time and would LOVE to quit and be a SAHM. So I don't envy you trying to leave that- even if it is only part time. What part of the Twin Cities are you in? I am a little NW of Maple Grove in St. Michael.

Jen said...

I live in Shoreview. I haven't really found my ideal fabric store yet. Lately SR Harris is my addiction. The prices are just so good, even if I can't always find exactly what I have in mind. I like Bear Patch in White Bear and Crafty Planet too.