Friday, December 12, 2008

Paranoid Mommy

The pediatrician is probably going to start thinking I'm crazy, but I am pretty well convinced that Carter might have an ear infection. In the last couple days he's started to freak out with any loud noises. And last night and this morning he was rubbing his ears. If we go in today, it'll be the 4th time we get check for ear aches since he was born. I'm probably slightly paranoid about this since I've never had an ear infection before and since there would be no way Carter could even tell us if he had one yet I don't want to be missing any symptoms. I'll have to update later if we decide to go in/if he has an ear infection.

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mrs.leah.maria said...

Not to add to the paranoia, but I'm 2 years older than my brother and when my Mom brought him home for the hospital, I was CRABBY! My Mom assumed it was due to the change, but found out at one of my brother's checkups when I went along that I had a double ear infection! Yikes! You're just ensuring that they have a job. :)