Monday, December 22, 2008

Cookies and burns aka why I shouldn't be allowed to use the oven by myself

For some reason for the last two years, I seem to always burn myself whenever I use the oven to bake Christmas cookies. Last year I thought it was just pregnancy brain and a sign (besides the extreme nausea from the baking smells) that I shouldn't make cookies. This year I think I might just need to learn to be more careful or stop baking cookies.
I can't believe it's almost Christmas. It brings back the exciting memories from last Christmas when we announced that we were expecting to our families and friends. Life certainly has changed since then. I'll have to take a bunch of pictures of Carter in his cute little Christmas outfit.
On the other end of things, I'm trying not to be to sad about how quickly my uncle's health has been dwindling. He is now bed bound and is slowly losing most of his words. I think Christmas will be very hard for him (and everyone else) since it'll be the first that he won't be well enough to attend.

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