Tuesday, December 16, 2008

More thoughts on baby stuff aka the things I never knew I needed

I was thinking the other day about all the random baby stuff that I didn't even think of having on hand when Carter was born that we had to run out and get. So I figured I'd make a list to help myself (and others).
1. Baby Tylenol: Buy the bigger bottles at Sam's or Costco to save. We seem to use this all the time. In the beginning we needed this for Carter's circumcism (ask for dosing fro the Dr.) and now we need it for teething. Target's generic must not taste as good because Target hates it.
2. Gas drops: we used this a bunch in the beginning, but rarely now that he burps himself.
3. White noise machine: It sounds strange, but it really seems to work. Carter started sleeping much better when we started using it.
4. Ultimate Crib sheet: You put this on top of the cute crib sheet because it snaps on for easy changes. This was a life saver in the beginning when we were changing sheets several times a day. I really only needed two regular sheets and two of the ultimate sheets.
5. Lap pads: I honest didn't know how to use these until after Carter was born. We put one in his crib and one on top of the changing pad. It saved many changes of sheets and covers. We had one pack and only used them for the first couple months.
6. Old Fashion Cloth Diapers: Nothing beats them for burp clothes. If you want cute ones, sew cute material on to one side. I have some on my etsy site Arieldesigns for those who do not sew.
7. Onesies: Carter was a summer babe and wore onesies day and night. I think we had maybe 7-8. Now that he's bigger he wears them under sweatshirts. We have a ton, but probably only need around 4-5. Our favorite are the Carter's brand ones. Gerber ones run at least a size smaller than stated.
8. PJs: In the early days we loved the snap ones because it was easier for middle of the night diaper changes. Now that Carter is bigger the zipper ones are better. (He likes to unsnap them and take his feet out to suck on.) We liked the cotton ones when it was warmer and the fleece ones best for cold weather. Carter's brand is our favorite on this too.
9. Socks: I would highly recommend not buying too many until you figure out what your baby won't kick off. My favorites are by Trumpette. They are a little on the pricier side, but they're super cute (they look like shoes) and they've stayed on better than anything else.
10. Shoes: We've only been using them since it got cold to keep his socks on. Robeez are the best. I got a pair used for $5. Borrow them if you can or check at consignment shops and mom's sales.
11. Outfits: We really didn't use them until it got cold. I would say you could get by with 6-7, but I don't like to do laundry that often, so we probably have more. Our favorite brands are carter's, old navy, gap outlet, and gymboree (only when a gift).

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