Friday, November 21, 2008

We broke the cycle!

Last night Carter was only up at midnight. I actually got some sleep last night. Life is good. My smiling little man is looking at me with his big blue eyes. My favorite part about being a mommy.
We didn't end up getting our high chair. Stupid BRU wouldn't let us combine our 15% off and free shipping. So we're waiting right now to see if we can find it for a better deal somewhere else. Right now we've been feeding him from his bouncer chair. It'll probably be okay to continue with that for a few more weeks.
Last night we also made apple sauce. Let me just say that it's amazing. Granted, I love apple sauce in general. But it was even amazingly good after I put it in the blender for baby food. I made it a rule that anything that I feed Carter, I have to be willing to eat myself.

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The Straka's said...

I can't figure out how to get my counter to work on my blog...I ended up taking it off...any suggestions??? which one do you have??