Saturday, November 1, 2008


We had a great first Halloween. Carter was the cutest little penguin. We did have a minor wardrobe malfunction with his costume when I first put it on him. I bought it on sale last year after Halloween, not knowing I was pregnant yet, so I guessed on the size and ending up getting a 3 month sizing figuring it be big enough for a baby that was born in the late summer early fall. Carter is a big boy and is wearing 3-6month clothes right now. As soon as I zipped it up, the zipper split. I tried to fix it, but it just wasn't happening. But I was determined to still have him be a penguin. I decided to sew Velcro on. It didn't look quite as cute, but it definately work. And Carter was much more comfortable.
Our sweer neighbor lady, Pam, got Carter some Halloween "treats"; a cute baby toy and some rice cereal. This is definately Carter new favorite toy.
Today we scored some excellent deals on toys at the kids garage sale at the Shoreview Community Center. I hadn't been to it since I was a kid, but I had remembered it having some good deals. We got probably a couple hundred dollars worth of Duplos, a toy lawn mower, and a dump truck for around $50. I can't wait until Carter is big enough to play with it all.
We also went over to my grandparents to help them get their lawn ready for winter. They love having Carter over.

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