Monday, October 13, 2008

Our Weekend

We ended up having a way busier weekend than planned. Saturday morning Tim did the lawn care at my grandparents house. We then picked up his sister Stephanie at St. Kate's and did lunch at Chipolte. After that we went to the Apple Orchard. It was packed since it was such a nice day. We even had to wait in line to get into the building to buy anything. Carter slept the entire time. I had really hoped to get some cute pictures of him with pumpkins in his cute Halloween onesie. Oh well! Maybe next year.
Sunday we went to Best Buy (to look at new washers) and Sam's club. Carter then decided he had had enough. So we dropped him off at my parents' house so we could groccery shop. I always forget how crazy Sundays are at Cub. Remind me never to do that. I am not patient enough to deal with the old lady debating between two kinds of soup. Carter had a good time playing at my parents' house. He loves their big tv. I think he will be a big sports fan when he is bigger because he seems to love to watch football and baseball.

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