Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Baptism and other weekend activities

We survived baptism on Sunday. Being not super religious, it was the first time we've taken Carter to church. Overall, he did pretty well. He only screamed for a couple minutes when he decided he absolutely had to have a bottle that very second. During the actual baptism, Carter was blowing bubbles and staring up at the skylight.
The party afterwards went pretty well too. We had to have it at my parents because there would have been just no way to squeeze 40+ people in our townhouse. The only issue we had was my parents though they had figured out how to use the delay setting on their oven. Apparently they didn't because the cheesy hash browns should have been done just after we got home, but they hadn't even started. Whoops! It turns out you have to set it for the time you want it to start, not in howany hours you want it to start.
The best part of it all was seeing how many people that support and love Carter, Tim, and I. We are so lucky!
Our other big weekend event was going out to eat for my mom's birthday. It was our first evening out without Carter. My cousin Katie watched him. Tim seemed to have more problems leaving Carter than I did. I figure, Katie is 21 and has baby sat before, and she could call us if she needed to. I guess Carter was good for the first two hours, but the last half hour he decided to scream. Poor little guy. (And poor Katie!)

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