Tuesday, July 3, 2012


My part-time job is being a major PITA lately!  There have been some major changes going on in the last few months, including laying off about 1/3 of the management team, including my direct manager who did my scheduling.  No one has looked at my time off requests in the last 8 weeks or so since my manager last worked.  All 4 of my time off requests for June and July I was scheduled on. 
Since the manager who does my scheduling works mostly days (when I'm not there) I haven't able to talk to him directly about it.  So I've been leaving note about these issues and getting no response.  So I've been talking to my supervisor, who was able to take care of one of my days with issues, but forgot about the other one.  And now is on vacation for a week.  Lovely.
And to make things more complex, I can't even just have any random associate how wants hours fill in for me.  Only a small percentage of the other employees are trained in everything they could be asking me to do on a shift and they are general scheduled when I am too.  For a job that's suppose to be low stress, it's definitely not!  To make things even more fun, our staffing amounts have been lowered and the store has several major construction projects going on. 
In other stressful events, Tim is convinced we should try to move in the next several months.  We have negotiated staying in the same city (for now at least), just finding a home with a big back yard and a better use of square footage than our townhouse does. We'll lose money, but in the long run, it'll save us money.  We're looking into whether renting our place out is an option or if we need to sell our place first. 

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