Monday, June 18, 2012

Birthday Party Planning

Finding a birthday party theme that appeals to both a two year old and a four year old birthday boy is challenging.  One of the few shows that both boys love is Shaun the Sheep.  Planning a Shaun the Sheep birthday party is very difficult because there is no party supplies pre-made.  (And I even looked into trying to import stuff, the don't even seem to have it in the UK.)  To make my life a little easier, we decided to make it a Shaun the Sheep/Farm/John Deere party.  Where to go from there, I'm not entirely sure yet. 
So far, my only purchase has been farm animal plates in primary colors from Hobby Lobby.  (I'll have to take a picture, they're really cute!)  I didn't love the napkins, so I'll just pick up some in similar colors. 

 For the tables, I'd like to do either plastic gingham table cloths or do white plastic with fabric gingham runners (not sure if this is too big of a project for how much we have going on in the next three weeks.) 
I'd really like to do a fabric bunting "Happy Birthday" sign in primary colors (so that it'd be usable again.) 
I'd like to get some metal pails for silverware. 
I bought a double drink dispenser (similar to this one)last year for the boys' Cars party.  I think we'll use it for lemonade and ice tea.  Otherwise for food, I think we'll grill hot dogs and have a variety of sides. 

I'd like to get a farm themed cricut cartridge so I could cut out a bunch of animals, but I'm not sure it's worth the money.  I may just check if Archiver's has any die-cuts and just do some there. 

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