Thursday, July 12, 2012

My stress level is in the red zone right now.  We've decided we want to move in the next couple months, which is a good thing.  We found out today that we will need to sell our town house before we are able buy a new house.  I'm actually okay with that because I don't want to be worry about our town house anymore.  It'll be a big financial hit for us, but in the end, probably not much worse than what we have paid if we had been renting the place for the last 6 years instead of owning it. 
There are quite a few houses in our price bracket that would be a good fit for us, so we don't really want to wait very long to get our town house on the market. 
Overall, we've done quite a few improvements in our time living here.  So to get sale ready we need to get a storage unit so we can declutter and do a little bit of painting to clean things up.  It's going to be very challenging with two very active boys to keep things clean and organized around here all the time. 

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