Monday, February 15, 2010

Where have I been?

As usual, life with a toddler (and being pregnant) is never dull. Like most of retail, my hours for work have pretty much dried up for the month of February. After all of the craziness in Novemeber and December, it's nice to have the chance to rest and get caught up on things.
The list of projects we need to get done before baby comes just keeps getting longer. Tim is working on the finishing touches of tiling our basement bathroom and hallway. It is already a huge improvement from the ugly tiles and icky carpet that was there before. We are now working on picking out a new vanity top to complete the remodel.
Since Carter and the baby will be sharing a room, we have a lot of decluttering to do in the next couple months. Storage is very limited here, so we are having to be very creative with finding a place for everything. We're hoping to get a large shelving unit for the garage, so that much of what we have stored elsewhere can move out to the garage.
I had my 17wk doctor's appointment on Friday. My weight stayed steady at what it had been when I had been in 2 weeks earlier. Because of my much more extreme symptoms and the heartbeat is way faster than Carter's was, the doctor is guessing it's a girl. I guess we shall see in another two week when we have our ultrasound. Tim is worried that I'm too convinced that it's a girl and will be disappointed if it's a boy. The only thing I would be disappointed with was the lack of an excuse to buy little girl clothes. I'd be thrilled to have another little boy.

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