Sunday, January 10, 2010

Finished Projects at Last!

One of my goals for the year is to get caught up on all of the half finished sewing/crafting projects I have going on. Today I successful finished a blanket for baby and a small baby quilt (if we end up having a girl I'll keep it, otherwise I'll sell it or gift it)
The Polka dot one is somewhat based off the baby bear tutorial on . I'm still learning how to do all the stitches on my new machine, so the spacing between some of the stiching aorund the edges is slighly goofy. But it will be a perfect lightweight summer blanket for baby.
It's been another somewhat crazy week that I really can't explain where all the time has gone. I worked three days this week, but since the work load is so light this time of year I got off really early. My Friday shift even got cancelled. While I am sure we will miss the money that I could have earned, it was nice to pretty much still be a SAHM this week.

This Carter's typical wild man face. He is so goofy these days!

Pregnancy-wise time has been flying. It's hard to believe I'm almost in the 2nd trimester already. I'm still feel somewhat icky most afternoons. The exhaustion is pretty much constant (and I assume will remain until I no longer have small children anymore).

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