Thursday, October 29, 2009

One of those days

It's 11am and I am not dressed yet. Carter is down for a nap after a very cranky morning. I'm hoping this will be a long nap, but since the lawn care service just showed up to clean up leaves I am doubtful it will be.
I've been such a bad blogger lately. Life seems to always get in the way of blogging. What's new with us?
Tim and I celebrating our 3 year anniversary on Oct. 20th. It's hard to believe that it's been that long already. We celebrated by making a crab dinner at home. It was relaxing and delicious.
Carter was sick on Sunday and Monday with Roseola. He had high temps for 2.5 days and then the telltale rash on his torso. We were relieved that it was just this and not anything serious. We're not sure whether he picked it up from MOPS or from ECFE, both of which we attended at the end of last week. (I'm leaning towards ECFE because of the timing of it all.)
I had two interviews yesterday and will have one today. Two of the jobs are pretty much part time retail-ish positions. The other is still part time, but more of an office position. My unemployment runs out in another month and we can't afford to live without it with Tim's hours being reduced so drastically lately.
I am thinking about doing a craft show that our MOPS group is putting on as a fundraiser. My only hang up is whether or not I can get enough stuff done in the next couple weeks to have anything to sell. I need to finalize my decision within the next day or so and reserve my table.
I've been working like crazy to get Christmas presents done too. So far I have 1.5 quilts done for gifts and 3.5 to go. I'm not getting too nervous yet.

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