Sunday, November 24, 2013

Has it really been a year?

I thought life would settle down a little bit after our move last December, but it hasn't seemed to.  Carter started all day kindergarten in September.   He's loving it so far.  He's attending the same elementary school I went to.  Almost daily he will ask me if something he did was the same as something I did in kindergarten.  I'm just amazed how fast he's learning.
Jack is in preschool two days a week.  He also gets to ride the bus to speech class two mornings a week.  Every other Wednesday we have parent days at preschool.  It's really fun to see Jack interact with all his little buddies.  He loves all of the songs they sing and he sings them all the time at home.
Not too much new with me.  I'm still working very part time.  I've been looking for something more, but I haven't really found something that's a good fit.
I don't really have a craft space set up, so I haven't been doing to many projects.  I'm hoping the holiday will inspire me to get back to crafting.

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