Sunday, October 14, 2012


I thought life might slow down here a little bit after we sold our townhouse, but it seems to have only gotten crazier.  As of right now, we are set to move out of our home next weekend and move in with my parents.  We had hoped it would only be for a few weeks, but it may end up being quite a bit longer.
We made an offer on a house last week.  It wasn't  perfect, but had most of our "must have" requirements.  The yard was huge.  There would have been plenty of room for a swim set, sand box, and for a large garden for time.  The house needed updates, but it was clean and well-cared for.  Unfortunately we couldn't get the owners to negotiate down to a price that the house would actually appraise for.  The lowest price we could get them to was probably 10K over the highest comparable sale and that house was in much better shape.  
So it's back to looking at houses for us.  The closer it gets to the elections and the holiday season, the less houses that seem to be added to the market.  

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