Monday, August 27, 2012

2.5 weeks

2.5 weeks is the amount of time our townhouse has been on the market.  Today will be showing #12 (not including the 2 no-shows).  No offers yet.   Most of the feedback has been very positive.  The negatives are things we have no influence over/no ability to change.
One of the funniest so far was that they thought the deck was not private enough.  Our deck faces a not very busy residential street, but has a huge tree in front, so from the street you can't see much of anything on the deck.  Most of the townhouse  have itty bitty decks that fitting two lawn chairs on are a challenge and still face the street.  Most of the houses we've looked at around this area haven't had decks that are completely private either.  And what are you doing on your deck that needs to be completely private?
Tim was out of town last week in Baltimore for work training.  During that time we had 4 daytime showings, all during nap time.  It made for a very long week for me.  

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